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I live in Berlin. For over 12 years now I work at the intersection of HR and communications. I have ran HR for communications agencies and design studios and I managed communications for HR teams.

I enjoy working in in all aspects of HR: from sourcing to recruiting, from people development to admin, legal and payroll topics – and I try to do it ethically. I strongly believe that hiring and keeping smart and self-aware people avoids 95 percent of any organisation’s problems.

Here I’m blogging about HR stuff, the agency business model, the Berlin startup ecosystem, and the challenges they face.

I’ll also link to stuff I wrote elsewhere–for example over at Medienrot where I’m sharing and commenting my reading list monthly. I’m writing in German and/or English and try to call out bullshit.

Please feel free to get in touch or even just follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Xing. Or follow what I’m reading on PocketRefind, and Goodreads.